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USA Hockey Safe Sport information

USA Hockey Safe Sport and Training


One of the highest priorities of USA Hockey is ensuring the safety of its participants and members. It continues taking great strides to protect participants.

The SafeSport Program is a comprehensive effort to keep all of USA Hockey's participants and members safe while engaged in the game they love, hockey. This new program is intended to bring all of USA Hockey's policies under one expansive umbrella to protects participants—both on and off the ice.

All USA Hockey registered coaches, officials, employees, and volunteers who are 18 years of age or older and work with youth in any USA Hockey member association must obtain SafeSport Certification.  There is no cost for the course and certification.  You must register with USA Hockey, registration for volunteers is free.   Click here to register


SafeSport Training

For personnel who need SafeSport Training this season please use the USA Hockey Website link for SafeSport Training.


The website has the most current information and the proper links to the training site.  Please read the SafeSport Training FAQs

Please download and save Certificates of Completion in case there might be an issue of verification.

Thank you


LOE Screening

Anyone 18 years old and older, who have any access to our youth, must be be screened and certified before working with them. You will not be allowed to volunteer for any LOEAHA member association unless you have completed the background screening and SafeSport Certification.

Per the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program Handbook those who need to be screened include:

1.  Members of the Affiliate Board of Directors
2.  Local program administrators [association board members and volunteers]
3.  Coaches 
4.  Team Managers
5.  Officials
6.  Locker room monitors
7.  Team drivers
8.  Travel chaperones
9.  Anyone with routine access to youth participants.
The Affiliate and/or local program may require that additional persons be screened.

The screening software is active.  The website is: 

password:  hockeyiscool

To check if your screening needs to be completed, check the LOEAHA "Good to Go List".


Safe Sport Questions and Reports

If you have any questions or reports of possible policy infractions please contact our local association representative, NMAHA SafeSport Coordinator, first. Contact information below.

Greg Garcia

NMAHA Safe Sport Coordinator

Terrence Firman

LOEAHA Safe Sport Coordinator

Sonya Ortiz

LOEAHA Risk Manager