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PeeWee Information (12U)

USA Hockey's American Development Model

Learn To Train
Ages 8-11 Female
Ages 9-12 Male

This is the period of accelerated learning of coordination and fine motor control and is the critical stage for the acquisition of hockey skills. Prior to the beginning of the growth spurt, players have the best opportunity to learn and begin to master fine motor skills that can be used in combination with other skills. In most cases what is learned or not learned in this stage will have a very significant effect on the level of play that is achieved later on. Players should be able to begin to transfer skills and concepts from practices to games. Group interaction, team building and social activities should be emphasized. A balance of practices and games will promote the continued development and mastery of key hockey skills.

12 & Under (Peewees):

105-120 ice sessions
4 on-ice/2 off-ice sessions/week
60+ minute ice sessions
12 skaters and 2 goalies
80-90 quality practices
30-35 game days

USA Hockey's American Development Model

Train To Train
Ages 11-15 Female
Ages 12-16 Male

The focus of this stage is to further develop sports specific skills, begin to introduce competition, and start to emphasize support training to continue development of speed, strength and stamina while maintaining flexibility. Players should consolidate sport specific technical skills with an increased emphasis on hockey and a reduction in the number of other sports played. A continued emphasis is also placed on the development of individual and group tactics. Social and emotional considerations are addressed by placing an emphasis on team-building, group interaction and social activities.

14 & Under (Bantam) & 16 & Under (Midget):

  • 160 ice sessions
  • 4-5 ice sessions per week 80 minute ice sessions Combined and separate practices for team/position
  • 9 month training calendar
  • 16 skaters and 2 goalies 120-130 quality practices
  • 40-50 games
  • Appropriate off-ice training for LTAD stage

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