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6U Information

USA Hockey's American Development Model

Active Start
Ages 3-6

This early development period is essential for acquiring fundamental movement skills (running, gliding, jumping, kicking, catching, striking…) that lay the foundation for more complex movements, thereby preparing children for a physically active lifestyle.
USA Hockey encourages activity that incorporates fundamental movement skills in the 4 environments that lead to physical literacy:
• In the water: Swimming
• On the ground: Athletics
• In the air: Gymnastics
On ice and snow: Sliding (skating) Kids should start with a learn to skate program and then a learn to play program as their initial steps into ice hockey.

6 & Under (Mini Mites):

  • 50-60 ice sessions 2-3 ice sessions per week
  • 50-60 minute ice sessions 7-9 skaters per team
  • 0 full-time goalies
  • 34-40 quality practices
  • 16-20 cross-ice game days