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8U Information

USA Hockey's American Development Model

Ages 7-8

The objective of this stage is to refine fundamental movement skills and begin to acquire basic sports skills. This is the time when a foundation is laid for future acquisition of more advanced skills. The focus is on the development of physical literacy. Fundamental movement skills should be mastered and motor development emphasized, while the participation in many sports/activities is encouraged. For optimal skill acquisition, the basic hockey skills of skating and puck control are introduced. FUN competitions are also introduced in a team environment.

8 & Under (Mites):

  • 50-60 ice sessions
  • 2-3 on-ice/1 off-ice sessions/ week
  • 50-60 minute ice sessions
  • 9-12 skaters per team
  • 0 full-time goalies
  • 34-40 quality practices
  • 16-20 cross-ice game days