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Season Registration

2023-24 Season Registration is CLOSED

Check back in August/September for the 2024-25 Season Registration!

2023-24 Season Registration is CLOSED!

The registration details further down will updated for the current 2024-25 season in the July/August timeframe!

We are NOT planning to change our jersey/sock vendor again this year - those costs should stay the same as last season - see the Registration Reminders below.

We are likely going to FINALLY add an AWAY (White) jersey in the 2024-25 Season - pending BOD approval this summer.

A 2024-25 USA Hockey registration is required for each player no later than 9/1/24: No player can be registered without it. If you have already registered for next season with USA Hockey, please simply have the number handy. (There is a link to USA Hockey in the Registration as-needed for this or [CLICK HERE])

NOTE: USA Hockey updated their Registration Fees in the 2022-23 season - they should remain the same this season | plus $10 or $15 (based on player's age) to our parent/state association (Land Of Enchantment Amateur Hockey Association (LOEAHA)).

Using the Chrome browser has proven the best results when registering (preferably on a desktop/laptop, can work in phone browser).  

Please work through each step in order and click the Continue button at the bottom of each page.

Be sure to read through the Registration Reminders and Miscellaneous Registration Info sections further down the page.

Volunteer Information!

There is an expectation that one parent per player family will volunteer for an additional game role:

Penalty Box Monitor
Locker Room Monitor

There is additional training tied to these - and all must register with USA Hockey (no cost for Volunteers).  The Scorekeeper & Timekeeper training will be in mid-October at the MAC (class for Scorekeeper, in the rink for Timekeeper). 

Penalty Box Monitor and Locker Room Monitor must also complete a background screening and the SafeSport certification.  All details found on the Volunteering page HERE.

In order to be rostered as a volunteer on your teams, we will have our Volunteer Registration:  [WILL BE UPDATED BEFORE THE 2024-25 SEASON]

Registration Reminders: [WILL BE UPDATED BEFORE THE 2024-25 SEASON)

The updated 2023-2024 USA Hockey Age Classifications PDF can be found below.  (Remember that 6U officially falls under 8U according to USA Hockey and is NOT a separate division in their classifications...)

The Season Cost charts are also listed below for both Rec League (6U/8U up to 14U) and High School (JV Only). Due to ice and referee costs going up, the season costs did go up but got a bit lower for JV.

=============== PAYMENT OPTIONS ===============

The default payment option will be Pay in Full. There will still be the Payment Plan option to choose as well (except for Varsity as they will be PRACTICES only with us & play GAMES with Santa Fe this season).

We (NMAHA) had to recreate the 5-month payment plan in SportsEngine this season as they changed it to a 4-month plan by default. For NMAHA, it will remain FIVE total payments due on the 4th of each month (intended for October, November, December, January, & February to match our season)

The first monthly payment will be made on October 4th. Please ensure the payment method/card you use will be functional for the FULL Season. If your October 4th (or any...) payment is late, please your player(s) will not be able to go onto the ice for practices until it is completed. 

Also remember that Uniform items (jersey & socks) are due up front (either as part of the Pay in Full option or in addition to the $50 initial payment + processing if using the Payment Plan).

To complete registration payment through our secure site, please have your Visa or MasterCard information available. If your card will expire during the season and you are on the Payment Plan, please work with our Treasurer to ensure the new card is applied once you have it.

Contact nmahatreasurer@gmail.com for more information.

=============== HIGH SCHOOL ===============

For players who will be age 15 on or before 12/31/23 and moving OUT of Bantam (14U) and into High School (birth year 2008), please register as a New Player (on the Player Information page in the Season Registraton) to account for the new jerseys (2 - one white, one black) and socks (2-pair - one white, one black) that will be needed for Cougars hockey!

2nd year Bantams (birth year 2009) can play games with Junior Varsity (JV) under Rocky Mountain High School Hockey League (RMHSHL) rules, but will initially be registered at their age level for Bantam - then pay the difference up to JV if they choose to play with JV and are APPROVED by the JV head coach.  This is NOT a requirement nor is it automatic (i.e. novice 14YO skaters likely won't be approved to play JV games). Additional jerseys/socks can be obtained separately (or loaned) as-applicable.  We will work this separately through the season as-needed.

REMEMBER - NMAHA will NOT be fielding either a JV or a Varsity Team this season (ages 15+, birth years 2004-2008) due to low numbers of returning players - we've graduated ~17 players over the past two seasons!

Returning JV and Varsity-aged players will PRACTICE with our Bantams weekly (hence the lower cost) and MUST register with Santa Fe for GAMES this season (at a reduced cost too, if paid in full).  

CLICK HERE to do so once it is open.

If there are any questions, please reach out to our VP of High School, Kelly Boyles at nmaha.hs.hockey@gmail.com prior to completing your registration

=============== UNIFORMS ===============

There are no significant changes for Mini-Mite (6U)/Mite (8U) thru Bantam (14U) - red jerseys/socks still in playable condition will be used.  If your returning player does need a new game jersey and/or game socks due to size and/or wear, please include this in your registration (cost is still $55 for the jersey, $30 per pair of socks).  Additional game socks will still be a selectable option as well ($30/pair).

For High School (JV) only, new game jerseys and socks will still require two of each (2 jerseys - one light, one dark; 2 pairs of socks (light/dark)).  There will be options to get a single jersey if you need to replace one of the jerseys & not both this season.

Thank you for your continued support for our program!

MORE Miscellaneous Registration details can be found at the bottom of this page...


2023-24 Recreation League Season Fees*

  Due by Oct 1st
6U Mini-Mites (born 2017 & Younger) $345
8U Mites (born 2015-2016) $395
10U Squirts (born 2013-2014) $645
12U Peewees (born 2011-2012) $665
14U Bantams (born 2009-2010) $695

* Please note - There could still be voluntary fundraising at the team level (to help cover tournament costs, end-of-season party costs, etc.). 

Please reach out to nmahahockey@gmail.com prior to completing your registration if you have any questions!

2023-24 There will NOT be High School level teams for NMAHA this season**

Due by Oct 1st
Junior Varsity/JV*** (born 2008 & Older) $200 (PRACTICES ONLY)
Varsity**** (born 2006 & older) - PRACTICES ONLY $200 (PRACTICES ONLY)

Miscellaneous Registration Info (2023-24)


Please register as soon as possible (unless using the Payment Plan - SEE ABOVE!) so we can add your player(s) to our team rosters for the 2023-24 season.

Registration* discounts are available for specific roles: 

  • Head Coaches (TBD by the NMAHA Coach-in-Chief (CiC), approved by the Board)
  • First TWO Assistant Coaches (To be confirmed by the CiC & Head Coach at each level)
  • Any Board Member (via Discount Code to be entered at checkout)
  • Team Managers (TBD & welcomed by the VP & Head Coach at each level)
  • Anyone with multiple players registering with NMAHA (via Discount Code to be entered at checkout)
Role/Reason:     Discount % How applied:
Head Coaches* 30% Retroactively
Asst. Coaches* 10% Retroactively
Board Members 30% In Registration (CODE)
Team Managers* 30% Retroactively
Multi-Child** $25 each add'l player In Registration (CODE)

*The Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and Team Manager discounts can ONLY be applied to the level the role is being served for (as noted in the NMAHA Handbook). i.e. Cannot be the 6U Manager and apply the discount to your 12U player, it must be applied to your 6U player.

**The $25.00 Multi-Child discount will be applied via a code again this season (another SE change). Please contact our Treasurer (Loretta Tafuro: nmahatreasurer@gmail.com) to confirm your # of registrations & get your code BEFORE completing your registration (final checkout page is where the code goes).

Any other applicable Coaching or Manager discounts will be applied retroactively via our Treasurer once the role requirements are met:

          + Background screening and SafeSport for Coaches and Managers

          + Age-appropriate Module(s) for Coaches only

          + Once approved, register on the Coach/Manager Registration (to be assigned to your team in SE)

Here is the link to the Coach/Manager Registration once your role is approved (save the link ~OR~ come back here ~OR~ go to the Coach/Manager tab as well): CLICK HERE

You will submit your registration normally and check out, then - again - will have your discount applied retroactively via our Treasurer once the requirements are met.

* Discounts apply to the Season registration cost only and not for jerseys/socks or any additional insurance.

We are currently accepting/assigning Coach and Team Manager positions at each level.

Please reach out to the VP for the division you are interested in one of the roles (coach/manager).  
          + Acting Coach-in Chief: Jason Foist |
          + Recreational VP (Bantam/14U & below): Sabra Hensler | nmahahouse.vp@gmail.com
          + High School VP (Jr. Varsity/Varsity): Kelly Boyles | nmaha.hs.hockey@gmail.com

Additional contacts:
          + NMAHA President: Jason Foist |
          + NMAHA Treasurer: Loretta Tafuro | nmahatreasurer@gmail.com


Scholarship Funds (formerly known as Financial Aid) are available by application!

1. Applicant(s) shall complete and submit the Scholarship/FA application by October 4th, 2023.

2. Email the application and supporting documentation: NMAHA Secretary (Jasy Shiparski): nmahasecretary@gmail.com and CC nmahatreasurer@gmail.com

3. Each application is reviewed by the NMAHA Board of Directors and kept strictly confidential.

4. Ensure you read/understand the additional volunteering commitments that are in place for approved Scholarship funds - including the USA Hockey background check AND completion of the SafeSport Certification training.

The NMAHA Treasurer will notify the applicant in writing as to the board’s decision ON or ABOUT October 12th, 2023.

The Scholarship/FA application can be found HERE.

Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis going forward.

2023-2024 Regular Season Practice Schedule

Level: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Minis Mites (8U) 6-7pm   6:45-7:45pm
(after L2S)


Squirt  (10U)   6-7pm   6-7pm  
Peewee (12U)   6:30-7:30pm   6:30-7:30pm  
Bantam (14U) 7-8pm   7:45-8:45pm  


JV (PRACTICE ONLY) 7-8pm   7:45-8:45pm    
Varsity (PRACTICE ONLY) 7-8pm   7:45-8:45pm    

Key Changes from 2022-23 Highlighted
Updated: 8/16/23